hooki – "The best thing I've ever tried."*

*Christoph Hörmann, Professional musician

hooki is ergonomic.

Most saxophone players complain of more or less severe neck pain over time.
With saxophonist Christoph Hörmann, this went so far that the doctor urgently advised him not to strain the sensitive neck with his favourite instrument anymore. For the professional musician unimaginable.
The hooki is his solution: physically correct and medically perfect, the innovative saxophone carrying system shifts the weight of the instrument to the strong shoulder muscles. The result: The hooki does not unnaturally strain the cervical spine – musician and doctor are more than satisfied!

Christoph Hörmann – teaching professional musician, Pfaffenhofen/Ilm with the
LATIN FUNK FACTORY in the Village – Habach

hooki is new.

The innovative construction of the hooki allows a completely new playing experience. No matter if soprano or tenor, alto or baritone – even intensive playing with great weight is possible with the hooki without strain. The chest area is much freer, the cervical spine is completely relieved. This means that the hooki provides more air, greater freedom of movement and more concentrated performance. Of course, this also applies to other wind instruments such as English horn, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, etc.!

Simon Spiess – Jazz musician, Berlin with the
Simon Spiess Trio

Yesterday I received the two hooki carrying systems. Stunning. We are completely thrilled.

ToKo Holzblasinstrumenten-Studio, Torsten Köhler

hooki has style.

There’s no way to reduce it further on. More is also not necessary. Without moving parts, joints, belts and annoying mechanisms. Just put hooki over your shoulder, hook it in, perform. The elegant design of the hooki fits every stage outfit, every type. The surfaces in professional black, stylish silver, classic gold and fancy blue. Super Chic!

Angela Puxi – Saxophonist, Duisburg with the
Angela Puxi Quartet

hooki is unique.

Built from the highest quality materials. The carrier tube of the hooki is made of elastic yet extremely stable and super light high-performance aluminium and is bent by hand in a patented special process. The hooki is anodised, not painted! The two self-adjusting shoulder pads are made of durable elastomers, the chest protector for freehand carrying of the instrument is made of silicone. We use 4 mm thick aluminium for the three-finger sliding plate. The indestructible steel hook is coated with a particularly tough protective lacquer. And with the extra strong carrier rope everything together weighs only 185g!

hooki was developed by professionals.

Markus Maier is a saxophonist, double “Echo Klassik” prize winner and teaching musician. He plays with beginners as well as stage professionals. Often for hours, every day of the week. He loves his instrument, the music. What he doesn’t love are the cramps in his neck. This is how the basic idea for the hooki came about.

Sebastian Reich is a graduate engineer and product developer. He looked at Markus’ dummy and knew what to do. What he didn’t know was how difficult it would be to combine elegant and stylish looks with extremely reduced design safe function (even with crazy moves!) and easy operation. Almost 3 years and hundreds of meticulous tests later the first saleable hooki was ready.

hooki arrives.

Meanwhile more and more hookis are being seen by saxophonists* (and bassoon players*!) all over the world. The hooki is appreciated by the international stage professional, the hobby musician and more and more by the enthusiastic student. It’s also clear: who wants a cramped neck during their favourite activity!

e.g. Angela Puxi live at the international jazz festival in Hamm – ©Copyright by Martin Tazl

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