The sax strap,
that isn't a strap.

Unique ergonomics
new playing dynamic

With a conventional saxophone strap, the entire weight of the instrument is hanging on your neck.
The neck is pulled forward, the strap also constrains sideways movement. This is an “ergonomic disaster”.
Hooki takes the strain off the neck and creates an all-new playing dynamic with positive effects on breathing,
handling, freedom of movement and development of tone.

Hooki rests on the shoulder muscles. This also ensures that heavier weights can be supported more easily over longer periods of time.

Hooki distributes the weight of the instrument over a large area with its elastic pads.This makes it the perfect “strap”.

Hooki Thanks to increased stability and new freedom of movement, Hooki allows you to just place it on your neck without having to put it on.

The Hooki fits perfectly to you

Hooki just fits. Its elegant design goes with every stage outfit, to every type. Hooki can withstand practically any load:

The light-weight metal body is with a extremely scratch resistant and shimmering finish equipped.

Hooki is available in black, silver, gold and blue.

What musicians around the world are saying about Hooki

More and more professional and amateur musicians are playing with Hooki. We sell our Hooki strap in all European countries, in Germany, England and France in particular, as well as Japan, Taiwan and China.

"Hooki for stage & home."
On stage, the main benefits of the Hooki are the ease of use and freedom of movement.
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“Hooki for heavy instruments”
Bass clarinet and bassoons are also much easier to play with Hooki.
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"Hooki frees the neck."
The instrument weight is placed around the neck on the shoulder muscles.
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