Thoughts about Hooki

“Hooki – The ergonomic miracle.”

With Hooki, the weight of the instrument rests on the shoulder muscles.

The result: the neck is freed up, you can stand up-right, you can breathe freely
and playing is more relaxed.

Christoph Hörmann
Professional saxophonist with the LATIN FUNK FAC-TORY in the Village of Habach
Hooki: H1, silver

"Hooki frees the neck."

The weight of the instrument is guided around the neck onto the shoulder muscles. Exactly where you can support larger loads for longer.

Its unexpected lightness creates a completely new playing dynamic.

Simon Spiess
Professional jazz musician, Berlin, with the Simon Spiess Trio.
Hooki: H2, Gold

“Hooki is perfect – whether for the stage or for practising at home”

On stage, the main benefits of the Hooki are the ease of use and freedom of movement.

At home, while practising, when you move less, Hooki delivers thanks to how comfortable it is to wear for long periods of time. The stage is every-where for Hooki.

Angela Puxi
Saxophonist, Duisburg, With the Angela Puxi Quartet
Hooki: H2, silver

“Hooki for heavy instruments”

Hooki works with all saxophones, its strengths par-ticularly come to the fore for heavier instruments: alto, tenor and baritone.

Also bass clarinet and bassoon are much easier to play with Hooki.

Gred Reger
Munich with the “Dog’s Breakfast”
Hooki: H2, blue

“Hooki is classic and modern.”

Because Hooki fits the body so well, it doesn’t stick out uncomfortably anywhere. Important for profes-sional musicians: You can even wear Hooki under your jacket.

Thanks to its ergonomic shape, Hooki does not constrain your movement.

Markus Maier
Professional – saxophonist and teacher, Munich.
Hooki: H3, gold

1,400 satisfied professional and amateur musicians who definitely like playing with Hooki