This is Hooki

With Hooki your instrument will feel
incredibly light.

Hooki rests on the shoulder muscles. This also ensures that heavier weights can be supported more easily over longer periods of time.
Interlocking curves guide the weight over the shoulder and around the neck.
Hooki takes the strain off the neck and thus creates an all-new playing dynamic with positive effects on breathing,
handling, freedom of movement and development of tone.

Hooki is quick to put on.

Hold the bottom of Hooki
firmly with your right hand.

Now place the Hooki
over your shoulders
from the side.

Now you’re ready to play.

Now just hook in your instrument.

Hooki in the class

Especially for children it is important that the heavy saxophone can be worn more easily.

While practicing, it is much more comfortable when the instrumentisn't hanging on the neck and constricting it.

Even long practice becomes easier, healthier and less exhausting.

Hooki international. 
Made in Germany.

More and more professional and amateur musicians worldwide are playing with Hooki.
We sell our Hooki strap in all European countries, in Germany, England and
France in particular, as well as Japan, Taiwan and China.

From professionals, for professionals

It is no coincidence that Hooki is so good: The two inventors of Hooki are professionals, each in his own field:

Markus Maier is a professional saxophonist,
two-time “Echo Klassik” prizewinner
and teacher. When developing the Hooki,
he was responsible for identifying saxophonists’
specific needs, In particular, posture, fit and handling.

Sebastian Reich is a graduate engineer,
product developer and plays the saxophone himself.
He is a specialist in manufacturing, materials,
surfaces, design, to ensure safe operation.