Ergonomics & Fit

Strap vs. Hooki:
A difference with a significant anatomical effect

The 7th vertebra makes all the difference

The sensitive cervical spine is the area above the 7th vertebra.
The 7th vertebra makes all the difference. A strap pulls the neck forward. The vertebrae are shifted towards one another. This can result in dam-age to joints and posture.

Hooki lies below the 7th vertebra

The thoracic spine starts below the seventh vertebra. The vertebrae are thicker, better toothed, and able to carry larger weights.

Hooki sits on the shoulder muscles. As a result, weight forces are supported by the strong thoracic spine. This also ensures that heavier weights can be carried more easily over longer periods of time.

The fact that strain is taken off the neck opens up a completely new freedom of movement for playing.

Hooki gives you a completely new playing dynamic.
Freedom of movement for your neck, freedom for your music.