The Hooki Design

Colors and material

Hooki consists of a strong, but elastic aluminium tube: firm enough to carry even heavy instruments
safely – elastic enough to adapt to your playing and body movements.

The Hooki's pads are made of a firm but pliable material.
Their surface is silky smooth and yet they do not slip on clothes.

The most aesthetic way
to play a saxophone.

One armed design

Hooki reduces functionality to the essentials. Thanks to its one-armed
Design Hooki can be placed on the shoulders very easily and quickly.

Hooki is comfortable to wear – for practice and on stage.

Eine perfekte Symbiose aus Funktion und Ergonomie.

Undoubtedly the best saxophone hook

It needs to be stable, but it still shouldn’t wear out the metal eyelet on the saxophone. Over time, a hook made of steel “eats” into the sensitive brass eyelet resulting in the eyelet on the instrument having to be replaced. 

Plastic hooks are often inexpensive carabiners that are manufactured for other purposes and sold as mass-produced goods. Although they hardly wear down the eyelet, they are not easy to handle and can break.

We have combined the advantages of metal and plastic into one hook: The inner part of the Hooki hook is made of solid stainless steel, which we have elaborately moulded with a particularly wear-resistant plastic. In this way, the saxophone is protected.
The hook is small and demonstrates excellent handling.


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The sliding plate

The height of the instrument is adjusted by moving the plate. Lateral grooves improve handling. The size of the boreholes are optimised in such a way that, on the one hand, the plate can be easily moved and, on the other, the height setting is reliably main-tained.