What makes the hooki so special?

With a conventional sax strap, the complete weight of the instrument hangs exclusively on the neck. And this in an area where the muscles are only optimized to keep the head upright and balanced. The belt pulls the neck forward due to the high instrument weight and thus shifts the sensitive vertebrae. Neither the muscles nor the shape of the vertebrae are designed for such loads. Fatigue, damage to joints and posture are often the result.

With the hooki, things are quite different.

The hooki distributes the weight of the instrument over the much stronger shoulder muscles to the stable thoracic spine. Here the vertebrae are thicker, better interlocked and the musculature is naturally optimized for carrying heavy loads.

The hooki relieves the neck completely. Breathing becomes more free and therefore the air volume is larger. The newly gained freedom of movement through the complete relief of the neck opens up completely new possibilities in the game.

hooki is the perfect “belt” – for long practice as well as for a concentrated stage / orchestra performance. Independent of genre. Loud and silent. Relaxed or expressive!

How to use the hooki?

1. take the hooki firmly with your right hand at the lower end/cord outlet and hook it from the side over the shoulders.

2. now pull strongly on the carrying rope and feel yourself into the contour. Get to know the new contact at the back.

Tip: Shift the main weight to the open end (right shoulder pad), then the natural elasticity of the hooki leads to an even distribution of the instrument weight. If necessary, adjust the position of the shoulder pads by shifting/turning. It may take some practice and habituation to find the optimal support on the back.

3. Adjust the approximate total length with the small knot on the underside of the shifting plate.

4. Hook the instrument into the hook and adjust the height of the instrument exactly with three fingers on the sliding plate. Simply slide it up or down.

5. With the hooki the instrument feels very light immediately. The chest pad should at best fit slightly when playing but should not press. Otherwise try the hooki in the next size. Of course, the hooki is not always equally suitable for every body, but with the three different sizes S, M, L there is a suitable model for almost all figures.

6. For safety reasons, please replace the suspension rope after 2 years!

"Towards Sun" - Simon Spiess Trio live at Moods Zürich 2018

License: The Orchard Music (im Auftrag von Unit Records)