The hooki in class

You love your saxophone – the sound, the look and the versatility of the instrument.

Then you should definitely try the hooki. With its sophisticated construction and optimized weight transfer from the instrument to the comfortable shoulder pads, playing the hooki is even more fun. You have never felt your Sax so lightweight!

Here you can see the difference between the systems very clearly. Like a normal belt the spine distorts and cuts into the neck.

Even the well padded version does not take the weight away, but only makes the pressure more bearable.

Only the hooki puts the weight in the right place: on the muscles to the left and right of the spine. Ideal for the heavier alt, tenor and baritone saxophones.

Handling the hooki is also child’s play. You just do it the same way Julia shows you: You take the hooki with your left hand at the chest pad and swing the two shoulder pads in an arc over your right shoulder. The pads can be moved so that they are always in the right place. Then just adjust the total length with the knot of the string on the sliding plate and off you go!

Ask for the hooki special price for music schools for an order of 5 pieces or more (size and colour do not matter!)